Spilled and Broken Pots


Effect Description:

Spilled pots are something that every home gardener knows all too well. Whether it was you vacuuming or the dog being curious or the kids playing in the house a spilled pot is usually not that big of an issue, other than the gigantic mess it makes.

A spilled pot is impossible to misdiagnose as it will be all over the floor.

Symptoms and Damage:

The damage occurs when the fall or the tip-over breaks the plant itself. Delicate plants can be ruined if a falling pot lands the right way, though hardy plants are able survive considerable abuse. The damage can range from crushed and lost leaves to broken stems and branches.

First Aid for Spilled Pots

Spilled pots are often a simple but messy fix requiring fast response to prevent long term damage. Following a simple list of steps can help to make repairing a spilled pot much easier.

✔Firstly right the pot and recover as much off the lost compost as possible.

✔Refill sections of the compost that may have been lost in the spill.

✔Prune any branches that you are unable to splint into place to heal. Using a drinking straw cut to the length you need to then slit up the side of the straw. This creates a splint that can be placed around bends in branches as a patch. Just brace the branch to prevent it from re-collapsing with popsicle sticks, bamboo skewers or chopsticks.

✔Remove any remaining damaged leaves or branches.

✔Water if needed.

Additional Considerations:

One thing to remember when dealing with plant disasters is remain calm, and not over-react. It’s easy to cause more damage when trying to save your favorite green friend so staying calm and carefully thinking it through is always the best option.

  • Don’t shock a plant by removing too much of it at a time remove only as much as is needed.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for fertilizers and insecticides.
  • Twist ties can be used for splinting broken or bent branches, try splinting anything that looks like it can be saved. You can cut it off later if it ends up dieing.