Gardener Error

Gardener Error

Sometimes no matter how hard we try we just seem to make things worse... and never is that saying more true than when you are speaking about plants. From broken stems and branches to knocked over pots and everything in between, if you're an indoor gardener you've seen a few disasters in your time.

Most of these disasters are minor and can quickly be repaired or patched up but sometimes you may encounter a troublesome problem.

The good news is that the list below contains some simple and effective ways to repair any damage you, the kids or the pets can manage to accomplish. Read on for some of the most home gardeners errors and how to fix the damage.


Often times we just forget about our house plant friends but sometimes we just don't have the time or have been away. Here are some of the effects of neglect and how to fix them.

Pot ProblemsPot Problems

At some point or a another a potted plant you own will get knocked over, smashed on the floor or abused in some other way. They are usually simple fixes with minor foliage loss.


Plants are remarkably susceptible to airborne pollutants including hairsprays, furniture polishes and other cleaning supplies. Contaminated water can also cause problems for your plants. Here are some of the symptoms of aerosol and water poisoning in plants and what you can do to help.