Plant Diseases

Plant DiseasesPlants can, and do, contract just as many diseases as humans do. Knowing the signs and symptoms of some of the more lethal of these ailments can help save some of your beloved house plant friends.

As always the proper research is necessary to be sure that you are tackling the right problem and not making matters worse. Care must be taken when diagnosing possible plant diseases because many of the symptoms resemble other plant problems.

The list found below is of the most common diseases a home gardener is likely to see. Each disease has information regarding it's species, the damage it does and most importantly how to help control and prevent it.

Bacterial Leaf SpotBacterial Leaf Spot

Leaf spot is caused by a bacteria that enters the leaf surface or edge and begins dividing and growing.

Damping OffDamping Off

Damping off is term used to describe under soil, soil level and above soil rot and decay cause by fungus growth.

Gray MouldGray Mould

A fungus which causes soft watery spots on plant tissue that later become covered in a grayish green mold.

Powdery MildewPowdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease which is known to affect a wide variety of plants including those commonly grown in the home.

Root RotRoot Rot

A fungus living in soil which attacks the roots and stems of nearly all types of plants. Also caused by over-watering though the symptoms, and results, are the same.


A pathogenic fungi which attacks a wide variety of plants and proves to be difficult to control.