Letter - S

  • Sap - A liquid that circulates in woody plants, it contains water and minerals.
  • Secondary Growth - Plant growth that does not occur at the tips of the stem or the tips of the roots.
  • Seed - Reproductive method of some plants.
  • Shoot - New growth occurring on a plant.
  • Soil - A natural substance comprised of organic matter, minerals and living organisms.
  • Sprout - New young plant or new growth on a mature plant.
  • Stem - Main branch of a plant, supports other plant structures.
  • Succulent - A plant that has fleshy leaves and stems, usually requiring little moisture to grow.

Letter - T

  • Tap Root - The main root of a plant.
  • Terminal Bud - A bud located at the tip of the stem.
  • Transpiration - Water loss through pores in a plants leaves. A natural process which allows plants to intake more water, containing minerals.

Letter - U

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