Letter - G

  • Genus - The name used to describe a group of similar organisms in scientific classification.
  • Germination - Growth of a plant from seed.
  • Grafting - Attaching one plant to another using a special technique.

Letter - H

  • Halophyte - A plant which has adapted to salty soil.
  • Hardy - A durable plant which withstand harsh climates.
  • Herbicide - A chemical designed to kill plant matter. Usually weeds.
  • Hormone - A chemical in plants that regulates its life cycle, including growth, reproduction and food production.
  • Humus - The organic components in soil, mainly the decaying matter of plants and animals.
  • Hybrid - The result of breeding to different species.
  • Hydric - Very moist environment conditions.
  • Hydroponics - Growing plants without soil or compost, by adding nutrients to the water.

Letter - I

  • Indiegenous - Living naturally in an area, without being introduced by man.
  • Insectivorous - Organisms, including some plants, which eat insects.
  • Insects - Organisms which can be beneficial to plants or, more likely in a gardeners case, harmful to plants.