Letter - D

  • Deciduous - Plants which lose their leaves and shut down seasonally.
  • Dirt - Another name for soil.
  • Dormancy - A period of no active growth for a plant, usually a response to environmental conditions.

Letter - E

  • Embryo - Early development of a plant still inside a protective seed coating.
  • Endemic - Plants that are found only in one area and nowhere else.
  • Epidermis - The 'skin' of a plant or the outer protective layer.
  • Evaporation - The process in which a liquid turns to a gas.

Letter - F

  • Fertilizer - Nutrients, in one form or another, that are added to the growing medium to provide additional plant growth.
  • Flora - The name given to plants that live in an area.
  • Foliage - The leaves of a plant.
  • Fruit - The seeds delivery system for many flowering plants.
  • Fungus - Organisms that grow using a decaying matter as an energy source.