Natural Plant Care

Natural Plant CareEven though these recipes are all natural some people may find them irritating and in some rare cases people may be allergic.

Medical attention should be consulted if you or anyone near the areas being sprayed or treated exhibits any strange symptoms.

Always use caution when applying treatments to plants around young children or house pets. Be mindful that some liquids may stain fabrics or delicate woods, so move plants away from furniture to apply.

Always remember to respect beneficial insects and wildlife when using any of these recipes outdoors.

Test all insecticides, commercially made or home-made, on a small area of your plant to be sure that no damage to the plant will occur. Don't make the situation worse be rushing right in and hosing an already infected plant with chemicals. 

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Tomato Leaf SprayTomato Leaf Spray

The common tomato plant is a member of the nightshade family which contain alkaloids (a poisonous compound) in its leaves. Making a spray is easy to make and easy to apply. Use it mainly to treat aphids.

Neem Oil SprayNeem Oil Spray

Neem has been used for hundreds of years for everything from an insecticide to dry skin remedies. A spray can be made at home or a commercial solution can be obtained. Use to treat any sap-sucking or leaf-chewing insect pests.

Garlic Oil SprayGarlic Oil Spray

Garlic oil spray is both delicious and deadly, to insects that is. Very simple to make though it does stink so use indoors may not be an option. Use for all plant damaging insects.

Chrysanthemum Flower SprayChrysanthemum Flower Spray

The insecticide pyrethrum is made from the flower of these plants and with this recipe you can make your own all natural spray. This is a very powerful poison and should be used with the utmost caution.

Baking Soda SprayBaking Soda Spray

A simple spray made with something most everyone has around. You can make it fast with little fuss. Use for some forms of moulds and mildews.

Orange Peel SprayOrange Peel Spray

An effective insecticide that actually smells good, a rare trait for insect sprays. Works well on soft-bodies insects and is easy to make.

Dish Soap SprayDish Soap Spray

An inexpensive and easy way to maintain pest control of soft-bodied insects. Easy to apply although it may leave a film on plants that should be rinsed away.

Willow Rooting SolutionWillow Rooting Solution

An easy to make and store rooting solution you can make if you happen to have access to some willow branches.

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