Plant First Aid Guide
Plant Problems? Look here for a possible solution.
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Understanding Soil pH
Need some information on soil pH? Then you have come to the right place.
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Plant Anatomy Images
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Welcome to the wonderful world of plant care!

Are you having problems with your plants? Are the leaves falling off your favorite house plant by the pail full? Don't know where to find answers fast? Then you have come to the right place.

Plant First Aid explores everything from insect invaders to dreadful diseases and all the common problems a home gardener could face. 

It also explains possible remedies to your plant problems, while trying to focus on natural cures with recipes you can craft yourself.

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The Plant First Aid Guide has information about plant pests, plant diseases, environmental effects and gardener created problems. Contains tips, repairs and more!

Soil pH helps to regulate nutrient intake by a plants root system so it's an important variable in a plants overall health. Look here to learn more.

Natural plant care recipes you can make at home with easy to get items. Use them to help you reduce your need to use chemicals in your gardens or homes.

Some labeled diagrams explaining basic plant anatomy. New images added soon.